Varun Dhawan Defends Bawaal and Slams Openheimer

Varun Dhawan is playing a character that is a different one and is a fake one too. He is a kind of negative character and people are hating him. However, Varun has opened about his character in public and defended the movie. Also, why did he slam the Openheimer movie? Well, let's see further to know the full info:

Why Varun Slammed the Openheimer Movie? - Varun Dhawan News

The recently released OTT movie “Bawaal” Starring Varun Dhawan and Janhvi Kapoor is in the news and is trending right now. Their performance in the movie has been appreciated by the fans but some people criticized the portrayal of Varun and Janhvi’s character and their correlation with the World War 2 situations.

Fans felt it is insensitive and they also criticized the character of Varun in the movie. After this, Varun said, “Why don’t you scrutinize the other movie released recently? we are showing that Ajju Bhaiya is a tone-deaf character. It's not like we are showing him like a hero. We are showing him as negative. That’s why the praise is coming”

He slammed the people criticizing the movie and added “I respect everyone’s opinion. Everyone has the right to have an opinion. Some people got triggered, they got sensitive about this. But I don’t understand where that sensitivity comes goes when they watch an English film. Where does that sensitivity go? They are all allowed to do everything, they are allowed to take leaps and show everything but you will find that correct”.

He indirectly slammed Christopher Nolan’s Openheimer movie which is under controversies about a Bhagwat Gita scene. Varun said, “You don’t overreact to a foreign movie that has a sensitive scene but with us you get personal”.

Ending Note:

Will the clarification given by Varun Dhawan for Bawaal lower the criticism of the movie? It’s the future that will tell. Meanwhile, the movie has crossed over 6M views on OTT after its release across the globe.

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