Why Gauri Khan Wanted a Divorce from Shahrukh Khan Long Back?

Shahrukh Khan is known for his romantic style and everyone loves him for that, especially the girls. His chocolaty boy image and dialogues have all been appreciated by girls around the world. However, there was a time when he failed to impress his wife Gauri Khan and she wanted to get a divorce from him. Want to know the real reason? We have the news for you:

Gauri’s Irritation of Shahrukh - Shahrukh Khan News 

Everyone in the Bollywood industry is impressed with the love and bonding between Shahrukh and Gauri Khan but do you know that there was a time when things were not good between both? She was once almost ready to kick Shahrukh out of her life. Now, you may feel surprised by this thing but Gauri Khan herself revealed this in the chat of Simmi Grewal two decades ago. 

What Gauri Revealed about Shahrukh? - Srk Latest News

She revealed in the Simmi Grewal chat show that Shahrukh was very possessive about her. He was so protective that he would not even let her wear the white shirt because he used to think that it would be transparent and her body will be visible to others if she wears this.  

She revealed by stating “It was possessiveness. It has turned to protectiveness. He was disgustingly possessive, he was sick. He would not let me wear a white shirt because he thought that it was transparent. It was a kink in the mind I think”

Shahrukh was also present in the chat show and he also revealed that this habit of his was cheap. He said “I knew her but nobody knew that I knew her, so there was this whole feeling of lack of ownership. Whether it’s a man or a woman, I think both of them want to have it. So, one just felt like. Somehow to control and I had become very cheap”.

Gauri further said that “I left him alone for few days so that he realizes his mistake, otherwise, he will never see me again”. 

Ending Note:

Many people are crazy for Shahrukh Khan but did you ever know that Shahrukh was crazy for Gauri and this Shahrukh khan news proved this too. Hope you liked the news, for more news like this, keep following Bollywood Signal. 

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