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Hi friends it's Shobhit Tyagi. Yesterday, the movie Bawaal was released in the theatres. Today, we are going to talk about that. Let's do a review of it. It’s a love story but a different one. Ajay Dixit (played by Varun Dhawan) is living a fake life. He is very image conscious. He can say anything about himself to anyone to maintain his image. He is a history teacher and portrays his image as a teacher who wants to create brilliant minds for the nation. But he does not even know much about history.

Now he gets married to Nisha (played by Janhvi Kapoor). He falls in love with her and chooses her to be his wife as he thinks that Nisha would be his ideal wife and maintain his image too. She is smart and beautiful. But things turn ways after they got married. He went to Europe to teach his students about the chapter of World War 2. He goes to the same locations where World War 2 happened in Europe and makes videos for his students so they can learn this history lesson easily.

The whole World War 2 scenes are correlated with his married life with Nisha. What happens to him during the trip? How the scenes are correlated to both? For getting answers to all these questions, you need to watch the movie. 

Let's do an analysis of the movie:

Analysis of the Movie - Bawaal Movie Review

Story, Screenplay, and Dialogues

The story of the movie is written by Ashwani Tiwari. The story is well written especially the correlation scenes of the movie. The screenplay is brilliantly written. The first half is a bit slow, but the second half of the movie is fast and uplifts the pace of the story. The dialogues are well written and you will enjoy hearing them in the movie.

Actors’ Performances

Varun Dhawan – He played the role of Ajay Dixit in the movie and has done justice to his character. Varun Dhawan looks like a mean guy in the movie. He also changes at the end of the movie and it is heart touching scene in the movie.

Janhvi Kapoor - She has played the character of Nisha in the movie. She has also done an excellent job in the movie with her character. She is brilliant in the emotional scenes. 

Manoj Pahwa - He is playing the role of the father of Ajay Dixit. He is just too good.

Anjuman Saxena - She is playing the role of Ajay’s mom and gives good support.

Prateek Pachori - He is playing the role of Ajay’s friend and has made his mark in the movie. His acting is natural and he never disappoints you whenever you see him on screen. 

Mukesh Tiwari - He is playing the role of MLA and has given a good support.

Direction of the Movie

The movie is directed by Nitesh Tiwari (Dangal and Chichore fame). His direction is again wonderful and he has made a very good movie.

Music of the Movie 

The music of the movie is given by 3 different music directors; Mithoon, Tanishk Bagchi and Akashdeep Sengupta. The songs are good to hear and melodious too. However, none of them is a big hit before the movie’s release. The lyrics of the songs in the movie are brilliant.

Final Verdict - Bawaal Movie Review

The movie will be appreciated by critics and classy audiences, especially in the big cities. They will like the movie. Hope you liked our Bawaal movie review. For more reviews like this, keep following Bollywood Signal. Also, comment down below if you have watched the movie.

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