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Hi friends it's Shobhit Tyagi. Today we are going to do the review of the recently released movie “Crew” starring Kareena Kapoor, Tabbu, and Kriti Sanon in the lead roles. The Crew movie is the story of three girls who are best friends and are working in an airline called “Kohinoor Airlines”. These girls are Geeta Sethi, Jasmine, and Divya Rana. They all are from middle-class families. 

One day the owner of Kohinoor Airlines, Vijay Walia announced that their airline is in losses but it will recover. Hearing the news, three girls and the whole team of the airline get panicked but the seniors motivate them to keep working without the salaries till the time the airline recovers from the losses. 

They work for 6 months without a salary but after this period, their financial situation gets poor. They face debt too. One day they see the dead body of their pilot in the plane covering gold biscuits all over him. They get shocked but decide will take the wrong way to improve their family situation. 

They steal the gold biscuits carefully and improve their lives. However, the story of their theft goes into the ears of their enemy who tells this to the police. So, how do these three girls tackle the police? Will they go to jail or they outsmart them, all these questions will be answered once you see the movie in the theatres.

Now let the story, screenplay, and dialogue of the movie

Story, Screenplay, and Dialogue

The story, dialogues, and screenplay have a newness to them and are written by Nidhi Mehra and Mehul Suri. The movie is a comedy but the dialogues are written in such a way that they are forcefully designed to make the audience laugh. 

Acting of the Stars

Tabbu - She is playing the role of Geeta Sethi in the movie and has acted well. Her acting as a mature air hostess is good.

Kareen Kapoor - She is playing the role of Jasmine in the movie. Her character is fond of shopping. She has acted well too.

Kriti Sanon - She is playing the role of a Haryanvi girl in the movie named Divya Rana. Her acting is fine.

Sashwat Chatarji - He has played the role of Vijay Walia in the movie. His acting is good.

Rajesh Sharma - He is playing the role of the right hand of Vijay Walia. His role is of Mittal. He has acted well.

Diljit Dosanjh - He is playing the role of a police officer in the movie and has acted superbly.

Kapil Sharma - He is playing the role of Tabbu’s husband. He is a husband who is a failure and runs his life on his wife’s money. His role is short as he is in special appearance.

Direction of the Movie

The director of the movie is Rajesh Krishnan and his direction is good in the movie. He has made an engaging movie for the audience and the audience will stick to their seats till the last moment.  

Music of the Movie

The music is given by 3 different music directors Vishal Mishra, Raj Ranjodh, and Akshay. There are 3-4 songs in the movie where “Naina” and “Choli Ke Piche Kya Hai” are the highlights of the movie. They are the melodious songs of the movie. 

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The Final Verdict of the Movie

The movie is a decent one and will not disappoint the audience. The audience will like it as it engages them till the last moment. The audience is eager to know the end of the movie and that’s the best part about it.

The movie is going to be a successful one. We will give it three thumbs up out of five. You can watch it with your family as well.  Tell us in the comment section about which part of the review you liked the most. We will be back with another review. Do follow Bollywood Signal for reviews and news on Bollywood.

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