Ishq Vishk Rebound Movie Review - Is the Movie Worth Your Time or Not?

Hi, I am Shobhit Tyagi. Today, we are going to talk about the movie Ishq Vishk Rebound and do a review of it. The movie is released recently. The movie has newcomers in it and is a remake of the 2003 movie Ishq Vishk which starred Shahid Kapoor in the lead role. Let's discuss the movie further.

Story of the Movie

The story is about four people out of which three are connected. Two boys Raghav and Sahir are best friends and Sanya is the girlfriend of Raghav’s best friend Sahir. Sahir is a busy guy and always fails to devote time to his girlfriend due to his goal.

Raghav is a friend of Sanya as well. Raghav is always available to Sanya in the absence of Sahir. One day Sanya breaks up with Sahir due to his busy schedule and asks Raghav to go on a trip with her.

Raghav readily admits the proposal. They both spend time together on the trip and develop feelings for each other. Now they are girlfriend-boyfriend. Raghav is also attracted to a girl named Riya. When Sahir comes to know that his girlfriend is dating Raghav, he becomes upset.

The person who creates all the confusion is Raghav. This creates the love square mess in the movie. Will Raghav be able to solve this mess he created or not? Will he be able to revive his friendship with Sahir? These questions will be answered to you when you see the movie.

  • The story of the movie is weak where confusion is the only plot created by the makers. Though it should be well written but they have messed it up. The characters also don’t have a strong bond with each other.
  • It looks like they only perform the scene in the movie and nothing else. The emotional angle is also not there in the movie. One more thing that is not good about the script of the movie is the ignorance of the characters like Sahir and Riya.
  • They are used as puppets in the movie to support the main characters like Raghav and Sanya. Sahir and Riya do not have much to do in the movie. The climax of the movie is also not interesting. Funny moments are also not there.

Acting Performances

Rohit Saraf

He is playing the role of Raghav in the movie and his acting is just average. He has played the role of a confused guy.

Pashmina Roshan

She is playing the role of a bold and glamorous girl Sanya. She looks pretty in the movie but her acting needs more to be desired.

Jibraan Khan

He plays the role of Sahir in the movie. He looks handsome but has nothing to do in the movie. He comes and goes after a while.

Naila Grewal

She is playing the role of Riya in the movie and looks cute. She also has nothing special to do in the movie as Jibraan Khan.

Kusha Kapila

She is playing the role of a boss in the movie. She is the boss of Raghav. Her acting is fine but her role is short.

Direction of the Movie

The movie is directed by Nipun Avinash. His direction is fine for the first half of the movie. But he cannot hold the audience's attention after the second half due to weak script. So, his direction is decent but he has nothing to do.

Music of the Movie

The music of the movie is given by Rochak Kohli and Anu Malik. Music is good and a delight to hear especially songs like Rehmat, Soni Soni, and Ishq Vishk Pyar Vyar.

The Final Verdict of the Movie

As we told you earlier that it is a remake of the 2003 movie Ishq Vishk that was also released with newcomers of that time. They were Shahid Kapoor, Amrita Rao, and more. The movie was successful at that time. Its script was also good. However, the present movie Ishq Vishk rebound’s script is not good at all. The movie miss’s comedy, emotional scenes, the connection between characters, and more.

You might like it in the beginning but after the interval, it fails. It has nothing to offer and thus it will fail at the box office.

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Ending Note

Hope you like our review of Ishq Vishk rebound. Tell us in the comment section about any part you liked in the movie (in case you have also seen it). We would like to read it. We will return with a new movie review soon. Thanks!! You can also follow us on our social media handles here:

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