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Shahrukh Khan - Bollywood Signal - 13March2023

Shahrukh khan has been surprising his fans with characters that are untouched and new to the Bollywood industry and fans have always supported him. The latest example of this was when he gave a blockbuster movie “Pathan”. The srk latest news is that he is going to be a part of the upcoming Dhoom franchise and will be a part of the next movie Dhoom 4. 

The Real Reason for the News Spread – Shahrukh Khan's Upcoming Movies

Upcoming movie of Shahrukh khan will be Dhoom 4, this news came out on the Twitter handle of a famous director named Sidharth Anand that directed the latest blockbuster of Shahrukh “Pathan”. Fans were really excited to see the tweet of Sidharth Anand that had a quote written “looking forward to working with Shahrukh in Dhoom 4”. 

However, there were some comments that made clear that the tweet was not done by the Pathan director and instead it was a fake account of someone who made it with the name of the director and posted a tweet on Twitter. The account had a blue tick on it that fooled many fans and they even thought that the account was real and tweet was not fake. 

Fans were disappointed when Shahrukh khan latest news of Dhoom 4 was declared fake by other fans. Some people even tweeted that there were mistakes in the spelling of the tweet and there are very few followers on the account of Sidharth Annand that is impossible when we see the fan following of film stars and directors on social media in the modern world.

Yeah, the news is fake but let's hope that Dhoom 4 news may become a reality among the Shahrukh khan's upcoming movies, as Dhoom franchise fans would like to see srk in the movie. 

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