Jawan Director Atlee Confirms Working with Shahrukh Khan and Vijay Thalapathy for His Next Film

The celebrated film director, screenwriter, and producer of the Tamil film industry, Arun Kumar, aka Atlee, is in discussions nowadays for his recent collaboration with Shah Rukh Khan and Vijay Thalapathy. After the blockbuster success of the Jawan movie, director Atlee wants to take his next film to the next level. According to the reports, Atlee made Shahrukh Khan and Vijay Thalapathy agree on his next movie. 

What Happened? 

When Atlee shared a picture of himself with Shah Rukh Khan and Vijay Thalapathy on his birthday, only the speculation started that these stars would be a part of Atlee's next movie. But now Atlee has confirmed that he has discussed the project with Shahrukh Khan and Vijay Thalapathy and they have shown interest in the film. Before this, the two big stars had never worked together in a single movie. So this is supposed to be a 'never seen before' duo.

How Director Atlee Reacted to This?

While discussing the movie, Atlee said, "So I am working on it. It could be my next film. I am working very hard to come up with a script for it. Let's see." Atlee is already a downtown superstar director with a different fan following for his unique and memorable films. He achieved all over India popularity by working with SRK in Jawan film. 

Now Atlee has decided to bring together two of the biggest superstars of the film industry i.e., the Shahrukh from Bollywood industry and Vijay from South industry to create the biggest movie ever. 

Ending Note!

The point to be noted here is that Shahrukh Khan and Vijay Thalapathy are famous faces in their respective film industries. Seeing them together in a film would not be less than a jaw-dropping surprise for the fans. Are you also excited to watch Shahrukh Khan and Vijay Thalapathy in an action film together? Share your views with us in the comment section.

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