Shahrukh Khan "Dunki" Movie to Postpone its Release this Year

Dunki movie is the upcoming movie of Shahrukh Khan and the movie was set for a release on Christmas this year. But the makers are in doubt about releasing the movie now. What is the real reason behind their release of the movie? Let's find out this in the latest news:

What’s the Exact News of Shahrukh Khan’s Dunki Movie?

The exact news about Shahrukh Khan's upcoming movie Dunki is that it won’t be released on the same date as announced by the makers in the teaser. Earlier they were planning to release the movie on the Christmas 2023. But after seeing the huge success of Shahrukh Khan's last movie “Pathan” and the recent release of “Jawan”, the makers are hesitant to release the movie this year.

As per sources, the makers don’t want to give an overdose of Shahrukh Khan to the fans because they think that 3 movies in a year could affect the box office success of the movie as the fans may get bored of watching a star three times in a year.

What They are Planning now for the Dunki Movie of Shahrukh Khan?

The makers are planning to release the movie early next year as there are no more movies of Shahrukh Khan releasing in 2024. The plan has changed because of this certain reason too.

Ending Note:

The year 2023 has been marvelous for Shahrukh Khan. It was his year. He ruled the box office this year as his recent release “Jawan” broke all box office records. Earlier, Pathan did the same thing. But now Jawan is doing even better. No matter what, fans will enjoy seeing the duo of two blockbuster people of Bollywood i.e. Shahrukh and Rajkumar Hirani. Hope you liked the news, for more like these, keep following Bollywood Signal.

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