Ranbir Kapoor Animal Teaser is Out Now!

Recently we got to see the animal's first look, the upcoming movie of Ranbir Kapoor. Its teaser was made public for the first time and fans felt excited after watching the teaser. Let's see what fans reacted to this teaser:

Ranbir Kapoor Animal Teaser Out - Fans React

The teaser had the serious looks of actor Ranbir Kapoor. He had two sides in the movie like the one we saw in the movie “Ye Jawani Hai Deewani” and the one which is completely different and animal-like. The pair of Ranbir Kapoor and Rashmika Mandanna is looking great and seems like their pair will create a buzz in the market once the movie is released. 

His character was looking fearless. He was killing his enemies like a pro. His cigarette-smoking attitude and coming out of a car with bodyguards were the highlights of the trailer. The teaser was smartly edited and did not reveal much about the movie. 

Fans' Reactions to the Animal's First Look - Teaser

Teaser of the movie

If we talk about the fan's reaction to the teaser, then their reactions were super amazing. One person reacted “The blue suit walk (fire emoji)”. 

Another user tweeted “Ranbir Kapoor once again will prove why he is the best actor in the entire Bollywood”.

Another user tweeted “This is called attitude”.

One more user tweeted “This is how villains are made”.

Ranbir recently gave a surprise to his fans on his birthday by showcasing the teaser of the movie and looks like fans are excited too.

Ending Note:

Hope you have seen the Ranbir Kapoor animal teaser. If not, you can check it out in this blog. Hope you liked the news, for more news like this, feel free to visit Bollywood Signal. We usually post all the Bollywood updates daily at our site.

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