Ranbir Kapoor Animal Movie Teaser Copied from Korean Movie?

Ranbir Kapoor Animal movie is in buzz since the day it was announced two years ago and fans are waiting for the movie. The makers of the movie released the pre-teaser of the movie recently on the internet and since then it's trending on it. Ranbir Kapoor fans are liking it but some people are talking about it in a bad way. They are saying that it’s a copied scene teaser from another movie. Let’s see what is the real matter:

Why Ranbir Kapoor Animal Movie Is in the News for Bad Reasons?

Well, when the pre-teaser got released in public on the internet, fans liked it but some instantly identified it as a copied teaser. Many people made allegations against the movie director Sandeep Reddy Vanga for copying movie’s scene and stated that it was from the Korean movie Oldboy. The movie Oldboy was released in South Korea in 2003 and it got a positive response from the audience.

Now, many people are sharing the teaser pics on social media after attaching them with the Oldboy movie and writing about it as a copied scene. A user twitted on Twitter “Nothing original about the pre teaser copied from Oldboy movie. Unfortunately, Sandeep Vanga too copied #animal”.

What Is the Scene That Got People Talking About?

The teaser of Ranbir Kapoor animal starts when a plethora of skull mask-wearing goons come to attack Ranbir Kapoor. He fights them with axes and this is the scene that is like the Oldboy South Korean movie where the actor fights in a narrow lane with the axe.

Teaser of the movie

Ending Note:

Ranbir Kapoor will now be seen with Rashmika Mandana in the movie. No matter whether the scenes are copied from a movie or not, the fans will surely go and watch the movie. After all, it is Ranbir Kapoor's much-awaited movie after Brahmastra movie. Let's see when will it gets released.

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