Yodha Movie Review - Good or Bad? Find out here

Will Karan Johar’s and Sidharth Malhotra’s “Yodha” movie that got released today all over India please the audience or it will make them cry? This is what we are going to tell you in this review. Hi friends it's Shobhit Tyagi. Let's do the Yodha movie review.

Story of the Movie

Yodha is the story of Arun Katyal, an Air Force officer. He is brave and believes in fighting the enemy till the end. For him, the country is the priority, and the rest of the things are after it. One day he is traveling with a famous nuclear scientist from India and the plane gets hijacked. 

He tries his level best to save the plane, the scientist, and the people boarding it but fails as the scientist is killed by the hijackers. He is blamed by the Air Force officials. His team Yodha is suspended and they cannot run secret missions for the nation. 

After a few years, Arun Katyal faces the same situation when a similar plane is hijacked in his presence. This time the reason of hijacking is different.  

So, will he save the plane from hijacking and fight the hijackers or not? Is he hijacking the plane this time to take the revenge of his insult? All these answers will be given to the audience once they see the movie in theatres. 

Story, Screenplay, and Dialogues

Sagar Ambre has written the story, screenplay, and dialogues of the movie. He has also directed the movie along with Pushkar Ojha. The story of the movie is interesting and keeps the audience engaged till the last moment. 

The after-interval part of the movie is a little bit confusing as well. The directors have tried to bring suspense in the movie but that suspense turns out to be a confusing one for the audience. But after the suspense is disclosed, the movie gets fast-paced and engaging.

Acting of the Stars

Sidharth Malhotra 

He has completed the role of Arun Katyal stupendously. He has gone into the skin of the character. The character he has played is with full dignity and it appeals to the audience very much. 

Rashi Khanna

She is playing the role of Priyamvada Katyal, the wife of Arun Katyal in the movie. She looked gorgeous in the movie and performed well. Her scenes are emotional and appealing.

Disha Patani

She is playing the role of air hostess Laila in the movie. She has also done good justice to her character and surprises the audience with a twist.

Sunny Hinduja

He has played the negative role of Jalal in the movie. He has been a good villain in the movie.

Kritika Bhardwaj

She has played the role of a trainee pilot Tanya Sharma. Her expressions are fantastic in the movie. 

Many other stars have lent good support to these characters.

Direction of the Movie

As we discussed earlier, the movie is made by Sagar Ambre and Pushkar Ojha. It's their first Bollywood movie and we have to say that they have done a good start. 

Music of the Movie

The music is given by different music producers in the movie. The songs of the movie are good especially the “Kismat” and “Zindagi tere Naam” stand apart from the others.

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The Final Verdict of the Movie

So, finally, we have to say that Yodha is an entertaining movie and it will do a decent business at the box office. It will be a movie that will be a hit but not a superhit or blockbuster because it had confusion in the climax scene.

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