Shaitaan Movie Review - Good or Bad? Find Out in this Review

Will Ajay Devgan and R. Madhwan’s “Shaitaan” rule the box office or it will fool the audience, this is what we are going to discuss in today’s review of the Shaitaan movie. 

Story of the Movie

Shaitaan is a horror cum family drama movie. The movie starts when Kabir and his wife Jyoti along with their kids Janvi and Dhruv go to a farmhouse they have in another city during the holidays. They want to spend time with each other and thus decide to go there. During the travel, they meet Vanraj at Dhaba. He is a stranger.

They exchange words and get comfortable with each other. After that, Van Raj reaches their farmhouse in need of a phone charger because he wants to charge his phone. After this, he takes control of Kabir’s daughter with the help of black magic and claims to take her with him. 

The family is panicked to hear that and they start to beg him. Will he take Janvi with him or the family will fight to get their daughter back from Vanraj? All these questions will be answered once the audience sees the movie. 

Script, Story, and Dialogues 

The film is a remake of a Gujarati movie “Vash” which also had the same girl that is featured in this movie as a victim i.e. Janki Bodiwala. Yeah, there are a few changes made to the original story but the main concept is similar.

The story of the movie is written by Krishna Dev Yagnik and it's different. The screenplay and dialogues are by Amil Khan. 

Acting of Stars

Ajay Devgan - He has played the role of Kabir in the movie. He fits the role well and has done a good justice to the role of a helpless father.

R Madhwan - He is playing the negative role of Vanraj in the movie. He has done a good job of being a funny yet bad villain. 

Jyothika - She has played the role of Jyoti, the mother of Janvi the victim. She has done a fine job.

Janki Bodiwala - She has played the role of Janvi, the victim very well. Her facial expressions are superb. 

Angad Raj - He is playing the role of the little son of Kabir. He has done a good job too.

Other actors have lent good support in the movie.

Direction of the Movie

The movie was directed by Vikas Behl. His direction is fair in the movie. He succeeded in holding the attention of the audience till the last moment.

Music of the Movie

The music is given by Amit Trivedi in the movie and it's just ok. 

The Final Verdict of the Movie

So, overall Shaitaan is a good movie to watch. It will not fail at the box office. Instead, it will be a successful one at the box office that will earn money. 

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