Gadar 2 Beats Omg 2 in Advance Booking Before Film’s Release

Gadar is the best movie by superstar Sunny Deol and when it was released in the cinemas, it broke records at that time. It's one of the most watched movies made in the Indian cinema so far. Its second version Gadar 2 movie is about to release in the theatres soon and it's doing great in terms of numbers again. What is the full news? Let's see further:

Gadar 2 vs Oh my god 2

Gadar 2 Movie Pre-Bookings Vs Omg 2 Pre-Bookings

The Gadar 2 release date is 11 Aug and so is the release date of the Oh My God 2 movie. Both movies are competing for the maximum collection from the box office and seems like this race will be won by Gadar 2. Why? It's because of the advance bookings of the movie that are far better than Akshay Kumar’s movie.

How Far Are Gadar 2 Movie Bookings than Oh My God 2 Bookings?

As per reports, the second version of Gadar has managed to get the bookings of 56000 before its release. This booking was opened on Sunday for the public. Sunny Deol felt calm after watching the bookings for the movie before its release. He went on to Twitter to praise the Gadar fans by writing “You all made Gadar a Gadar and now with the advance booking, I can see you all are going to make Gadar 2 Gadar. Apne to apne hote hai”.

On the other side, if we talk about the Akshay Kumar starrer oh my god 2 movie, then its pre-bookings were low as compared to Gadar 2. It had just 7300 advanced bookings only.

Ending Note:

Well, after seeing the booking of both movies, it looks like Akshay Kumar will have a tough time with his movie. However, if omg 2 is good and word of mouth is good, then his movie will also have a chance to become successful.

Fans will have an exciting time watching the reviews of both the movies on and they will know who won the box office race. No matter, what the future holds for these movies, we will give you an update.

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