Kangana Ranaut Demanded Bail Warrant Against Javed Akhtar

Kangana has demanded the bail warrant against writer Javed Akhtar during their case. What was the real reason for the actor to seek the warrant? We are going to disclose it to you right now. Let’s figure out the full news:

Kangana (Left) and Javed (Right)

What Was the Reason for Kangana to Seek Warrant?

Kangana has finally demanded the bail warrant against Javed Akhtar. It was because Javed did not appear in court due to a medical emergency. When the lawyer of Kangana got the Javed Akhtar news and found that he is missing from the court date, he pointed out a finger at Javed for being missing on the hearing date. 

The fight between Kangana and Javed does not look like coming to an end so soon. The hearing was going on in the Andheri magistrate court for the case of Kangana and Javed Akhtar. Javed Akhtar was given a date of August 5th to appear in the court but he failed to appear. After that, Javed Akhtar's lawyer applied for an exemption that mentioned “He has an urgent medical situation of an extended family member who needs his presence and so he won’t be able to attend the hearing on August 5”

What Kangana’s Lawyer Said Against Javed Akhtar?

Kangana’s lawyer said “Intentionally failed and neglected to appear before this court. Therefore, in the interest of justice and equity, it prayed that a bailable warrant be issued against the accused to compel his appearance on the next date”

So, right now the Kangana Ranaut latest news is that the court has put the date of Javed on hold. He has been given another chance to appear in court on the next hearing of the court. 

Reason for the Kangana and Javed Legal Fight?

The battle is almost three years old and started in the year 2023. It was started because of Javed himself when he filed a case against Kangana Ranaut for harming his reputation. After this complaint, Kangana also filed the same complaint against Javed Akhtar.

Ending Note:

We all have watched Kangana Ranaut movies and heard the songs of Javed Akhtar in these. It's sad that both artists are fighting for something that has created trouble in their lives. As fans, we can only hope for their settlement in court.

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