Gadar 2 Movie Review

Hi friends it's Shobhit Tyagi. I am back with another movie review. As you all know that Gadar is the sequel of the movie Gadar which was released 22 years ago. So, technically the Gadar brand is huge. Before starting the review, let's talk about the storyline of the Gadar 2 movie.

Gadar 2 Movie Review

Story of Gadar 2 Movie - Gadar 2 Movie Review

The movie starts with Tara Singh who lives with his wife Sangeeta and son Cheetey. Cheetey was a kid in Gadar but now he has grown up. This character is played by Utkarsh Sharma. It’s a love story.

Cheetey reaches Pakistan because of a reason that we do not want to disclose. You will know this when you see the movie. He falls in love with a girl there. Now, he gets caught by the Pakistani army and they put him in jail as the rivalry between India and Pakistan is very old. 

Now, Tara Singh aka Sunny Deol comes to know about the incident and he decides to go back to Pakistan to take his son back. Will he be able to do this or he fail? these things will be revealed to you when you see the movie.

Story, Screenplay, and Dialogues 

The story, screenplay and dialogues of the movie have been written by Shaktiman Talwade who also did the movie Gadar. The story is not so new but it has a high amount of patriotism. The movie has patriotism and Indians love doing it especially when India and Pakistan are concerned.

We know the topic is hot and we always love supporting India over Pakistan. So, the movie has amazing anti-Pakistani dialogues that add a good flavor to the movie.

Actors Performances - Gadar 2 Movie Review

Sunny Deol – He is playing the role of Tara Singh and he is superb in the role. No matter which scene, emotional, love, action, or comic, he is very amazing onscreen.

Ameesha Patel - She has a small role but she has added an emotional angle to the drama.

Utkarsh Sharma - He is playing the role of Cheetey and has landed a good support.

Simran Kaur - She is playing the role of Muskan and looked pretty in the movie. She also has a small role like Ameesha but has done a good job.

Maneesh Wadhwa - He is playing the role of Major Hamid Iqbal and he is too good in the role. He has played the role of a Pakistani major and has rised the anger of Indian audiences.

Direction of the Movie 

The movie is directed by Anil Sharma. He is the same director who directed Gadar. His direction is very good in the movie. He narrated the movie well. He has brought the old feel of the movie intact with the new storyline.

Music of the Movie

The music is given by Mithoon in the movie and it's amazing to hear. The movie has old songs repeated like “Main nikla”, “Ud Ja kale kava”, “gare gama” that make you remember the old memories. The background music is also good.

Trailer of the Movie

Final Verdict

So, overall, Gadar 2 is more than a movie. It’s a celebration of independence. The movie will be a super hit. The movie will be liked by all people across the globe.

Ending Note

Hope you liked the Gadar 2 movie review of Us. For similar movie reviews and some extra information about the world of Bollywood, feel free to visit Bollywood Signal.

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