Dream Girl 2 Movie Review - Box Office Verdict

Hi friends it's Shobhit Tyagi. Today, we are going to do the Aayushman Khurana movie review. His latest movie Dream Girl 2 was released recently. It’s the sequel to Dream Girl in which Param (Ayushman Khurana) works in a call center by the identity of a girl. In this film too, he becomes a girl but the situation is different. He fell in love with a lawyer Pari (played by Ananya Pandey). But Pari’s father, Jaipal Srivastav, put certain conditions on Param that Param is forced to be a girl again. 

Param’s marriage is now fixed to Shahrukh (Abhishek Banerjee). Shahrukh is depressed and is not happy in life. Abu Saleem (father of Param) insists that he marry Shahrukh (Param’s female version) because Shahrukh’s father will give him 50 lakh rupees for this.

Param needs 50 lakhs rupees. So, he acts like a girl named “Pooja” and agrees to marry Shahrukh. The best friend of Param also wants him to marry Shahrukh for a reason that we will not tell you. So, will Param marry Shahrukh? Will he get money or not? These answers will be given to you once you see the movie. 


Dream Girl 2 Movie - Script, Story and Dialogues

The script and story are written by Raj Shandilya. The story of the movie is good but it's not that much good as compared to the part one. There are moments when you feel that the movie is predictable. Despite being predictable, it's funny. The scenes in the movie are funny. The movie is full of comedy. 

Dream Girl 2 Movie Review - Actors' Performances

Let's discuss about the Dream Girl 2 cast:

Ayushman Khurana - He played the character of Param and Pooja in the movie. His work is superb in the movie. His comic timing is very good in the movie. 

Ananya Pandey - She does not have much to offer in the movie but she is all right. 

Paresh Raval - He is playing the role of Abu Saleem in the movie. His performance in the movie is too good.

Anu Kapoor - He is playing the role of Jagjeet, Param’s father. He is just fantastic. 

Vijay Raj - He is playing the role of Sona Bhai. 

Seema Pahwa - She is in the role of Jumani and is also great in the role. 

Rajpal Yadav - He is playing the role of Shoukiya and is good too.

Abhishek Banerjee - He is playing the role of Shahrukh. His role is short but he has made his presence felt.

Manoj Joshi - He is playing the role of Pari’s father and has done a good role.

Direction of Dream Girl 2 Movie

Raj Shandilya has directed the movie. His direction is good. 

Music of the Movie

The music is provided by Tanishk Bagchi. One song is from the old movie “Dream Girl” and it's “Dil ka telephone”. It's good but other songs are alright. The lyrics of the movie are also good.

Final Verdict of Dream Girl 2

So, Ayushman Khurana's latest movie Dream Girl 2 will do good business at the box office as it makes people happy. People will laugh while watching the movie. Yeah, having said that, it's not that it will be a super hit but it will be a successful movie or a hit movie. 

Hope you liked our Dream Girl 2 movie review. For more reviews like these, feel free to visit Bollywood Signal.

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