Popular Reality Show Bigg Boss Season 17 Postponed this Year

Why the Salman Khan Bigg Boss reality show’s season 17 got postponed before its release in the coming month of 2023? What’s the reason for the postponement of this highly-watched reality show? Why did the makers of the show push the show to further months? To get the answers to all these questions, let's see the news further about the show:

Bigg Boss 17 Reasons for Getting Postponed this Year

The Salman Khan Bigg Boss show is one of the most watched shows in the Indian television industry. Every year, people wait for the new season of the show with utmost zeal. However, the latest update of Bigg Boss 17 can upset the fans. Yes, the news of the postponing of the 17 season of the show is right.

After the hit reality season of Bigg Boss OTT season 2, fans were waiting for the Bigg Boss 17 show on television. But now, they must wait a few months before they can see it on the TV screen. The main reason for the postponement of the show is considered ICC Cricket World Cup 2023.

Why Makers Are Not Releasing Bigg Boss Season 17?

As per reports, the makers are not ready to compromise on the TRP ratings of the show because the Cricket World Cup is about to start. They don’t want to compete with the cricket matches as we all know that during the World Cup, nobody wants to see shows except the cricket matches.

The cricket matches will start at 2 pm and can go up to 11 pm at night. Obviously, the makers don’t want to take risks as the viewership of the show will get divided and it will not be a vision of the makers. Usually, Bigg Boss's new season starts in the October month of every year but this time, it won’t release in this month.

As per reports, this new season will have a theme of singles vs. couples.

Ending Note:

Yeah, we all don’t know the Bigg Boss 17 start date, but what we know is, we will watch this whenever the World Cup is over. Hope you liked the news. For more news like this, feel free to visit Bollywood Signal.

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