Speaking Against the Anti-Nationals Costs Me Crores of Loss - Kangana Ranaut

The latest Kangana Ranaut news is regarding her bold and outspoken behavior. She has revealed that she has faced a lot of trouble for her behavior in the media and the tv commercial world. She said she faced a lot of loss due to this. What was the loss she had? Let’s find this out in the news:

What Kangana is Talking About? - Kangana Ranaut Latest News

Undoubtedly Kangana is one of the boldest actresses in the Bollywood industry who has taken her stand against a topic or rule in the country and the Bollywood film industry. Kangana Ranaut has said that there was a cost for freely expressing her views against the people who were doing anti-national comments and acts in the country. She further told the media that she lost 20 brands because of this.

She has disclosed that for being vocal about her thoughts, she lost Millions of Indian rupees. She disclosed this after a tweet from Elon Musk that states “I will say whatever I feel, no matter if I lose money for this”.

Kangana agreed to the post of Elon Musk and replied to this in her Instagram story stating “This is a character, true freedom, and success, speaking for Hinduism, against politicians/anti-nationals/tukde gang cost me 20-25 brand endorsements, they dropped me overnight and that amounted to the loss of 30-40 cr per year…but I am free and nothing should stop me from saying what I want, not agenda driven multinational companies and their corporate brand heads who hates India, its culture and integrity…I appreciate Elon because everyone displays only weaknesses, at least rich person should not care”.

Ending Note:

Kangana has stated that she will keep saying what she feels about the nation and Bollywood. She will next be seen in the upcoming movies Chandramukhi 2, Manikarnika Returns, Emergency, Tejas, and more. Hope you liked the Kangana Ranaut news. For more news like this, keep following Bollywood Signal.

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