Virat Kohli Anushka Sharma Talked After the Century of Virat

The latest news coming regarding Virat Kohli Anushka Sharma is that they talked to each other after the century of Virat. It was a match against the Sunrisers Hyderabad when Kohli scored a century and he called his wife after winning the match. What is the full news? Let's see this in detail:

Virat Showing his video call to media

Why Did Virat Kohli Anushka Sharma Talk on a Video Call?

Virat (left) with Anushka Sharma

It was a long time since Kohli has not scored a ton in international tournaments and because of this happy moment, he called off his wife Anushka Sharma to celebrate his happiness. He video-called his wife to express his emotions after the win.

Virat and Anushka tied the knot with each other in 2017 and after four years, they had a baby. Both are busy with their professional commitments but they make sure that they spend time with each other whenever they can. Anushka supports Virat so much and shares his social media posts too. She often visits to see Virat’s matches whenever she can but this time, she could not go to see the match.

Virat says that Anushka has always supported him in thick and thin and is the woman behind his success who has changed him a lot. It was a moment when Virat scored a century in a tournament after four long years and he video-called her. The media captured him calling on the phone and he later showed the video call to the media. It was Anushka on call.

What Fans Expressed to their Video Call?

Fans appreciated his gesture and his love towards his wife. They said it was a beautiful moment. Fans were happy about this romantic gesture of Virat towards his wife and they celebrated Kohli’s century and RCB's win.

Ending Note:

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