Ayan Mukherji to Direct the War 2? - War 2 Movie Update

war 2 movie update
Hrithik Roshan and Ayan Mukherji

Ayan Mukherji, one of the finest directors in Bollywood is all set to direct an action movie this year. His latest release was Brahmastra which worked well at the box office and was appreciated by the audience. Now he is all set to direct the sequels of the movie but before that, he is all set to direct the action movie. Let’s see what the news is all about:

War 2 Movie Update - What is Ayan Mukherji Directing?

As per the sources, Ayan Mukherji is all set to start the shooting of his new movie War 2. It’s another big opportunity for him to be a director of such a big budget film after Brahmastra. Ayan is all set to direct the movie War 2 which is a sequel to the Hrithik Roshan starrer. 

War 2 announcement news came from a source that said “Aditya Chopra is choosing the captain of the ship for each of the YRF (Yash Raj Films) spy universe films strategically. Ayan has given big hits in the past and he knows the pulse of the Indian audience. He also knows how to create hype for the movie on a large scale and this quality makes him a true choice for directing War 2. He is a young director and can bring freshness to the spy universe. Aditya Chopra trusts him and now all eyes are on him to take the spy universe forward”.

War 2 Movie Hrithik Roshan Announcement - What Else?

Ayan also confirmed that he is directing a movie but did not reveal the name of it as of now. He wrote in his social media post that “after the Astraverse, I have got an opportunity to direct a special movie. It's an opportunity that excites me and challenges me. Will talk about it when the right time arrives. 

Ending Note:

We hope best for Ayan Mukherji and we are sure that fans are going to see this movie with utmost zeal as they did with the Brahmastra. Hope you liked the news regarding Ayan Mukherjee. For more blogs like these, don’t forget to get in touch with our site. We post content daily. 

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