Kartik Aryan Flew in Economy Due to Movie Publicity, Says Netizens

Kartik Aryan movie “Satyaprem ki Katha” is about to release at the end of June 2023 and he is all busy promoting it. However, the haters or internet users are not finding a single moment to nitpick his acts in the recent promotional tours he is doing right now. The recent news came when he boards an economy class to fly to his destination. He got trolled by netizens for this, what is the full news? Let's see it here:

Kartik Aryan Movie
Kartik Aryan in Economy Class

Kartik Aryan Movie - What Was the Exact Matter?

Well, the whole matter starts with netizens when they saw a picture of Kartik Aryan boarding the airplane and sitting on an economic class seat of the plane. Some of them clicked the picture and video of him and spread it on the internet stating it was a publicity stunt of him.

Some people were considering it as a publicity stunt because his upcoming movie Satyaprem ki Katha is about to hit the theatres and this is the reason they commented on him in the social media.

The other reason they consider it as a publicity stunt was due to Kiara Advani. She is the heroine of the movie and she was traveling in the same plane but in the business class section. This thing got people come to an assumption that Kartik is doing the fake act of becoming a humble person.

What Netizens Reacted to Kartik’s Economy Class Video? - Kartik Aryan Movie

Netizens wrote different things about him on Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram. One person said “This is the new trend of promoting films. Very humble during promotions”.

Another user typed “Yes it's real, kyunki movie aa rahi hai”

One more user commented, “Deepika Padukone also did the same thing before the release of her movie”.

However, the fans of Kartik Aryan movies typed some positive things about him on the Internet and said “At the end of the day, he is also a citizen”.

Another fan wrote “Celebs want to live a normal life but the media don’t let them live”

Another fan wrote “Maybe he is a simple person that’s why he is traveling in economic class”

Another fan said “he always travels in economical class as he knows his middle-class values”

Ending Note:

Kartik Aryan has spoken about his moral values in public and he is very humble too. People might troll him but he has struggled a lot to get to this point in Bollywood where he is considered a star. He is promoting his movies and he was also seen traveling in the economic class a couple of times before.

So, it's not a new thing for him. Yeah, the moment was unique as people compared him with his co-star Kiara who also sat in the same plane but in business class. So that may be a reason for them to judge him.

Fans are waiting for the Kartik Aryan movie Satyaprem Ki Katha that is about to release. With the success of the movie, maybe the haters will not write some negative points about him.

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