Shraddha Kapoor and Rahul Mody: Wedding Bells in the Air?

Shraddha Kapoor had a previous rumored relationship with Rohan Sreshta, but media outlets never received any information about it. This was because Shraddha is very private about her personal life. In light of this, her recent sightings with Rahul Mody indicate that she might be more open about her relationship this time. Are they getting serious with each other? Read on to find out more!

Is Shraddha Kapoor and Rahul Mody's Relationship Getting Serious?

Shraddha Kapoor and Rahul Mody, who wrote the movie 'Tu Jhooti Mai Makkar,' were seen on a dinner date in July. There have also been reports of them going on a movie date. It is said that both of them are committed to each other, and their families are beginning to approve of their relationship. 

However, the main concern is that Shraddha doesn't want to be seen publicly with Rahul Mody, similar to her previous relationship. This is why they meet at odd hours to avoid the paparazzi.

Shraddha Kapoor Is Playing It Smart

According to recent reports, Rahul Mody took Shraddha to buy a new phone, but they chose a store with tight security, preventing anyone from spotting them together. It's evident that Shraddha is playing a game of 'hide and seek' with the paparazzi. The big question remains: Is Shraddha considering taking her rumored relationship to the next level?"

Ending Note!

So, this was all our information regarding Shraddha and her new rumored boyfriend. As Sharadha has always been a private person, her love life coming into the limelight is something she does not prefer. 

However, this slight amount of information proves that she might be dating Rahul Mody. Although they have yet to make it official, we're still willing to see what's cooking.  Tell us in the comments what you feel about this, and stay tuned with us for more Bollywood-related fun.

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