Adipurush Movie Review - Prabhas and Kriti Sanon Latest Movie

Hi friends it's Shobhit Tyagi. Today, we are going to talk about the Adipurush movie. The movie is about Ram and Sita staying in the forest and obeying the Vanvas' rules. Ravan takes Sita away with him and how Ram takes back Sita from Lanka and returns to his land Ayodhya. This is what the movie is all about. 

Adipurush Movie Review - The Story of Prabhas and Kriti Sanon Movie

The story of Ramayan is interesting. As Indians, we have heard the story hundred times since childhood and we know the end of it. However, watching the movie is a different thing and it was what I felt when I saw the movie.

In the movie, before the Vanvas moments have not been disclosed and for some people, it might be disappointing. While watching the movie, it looks like the scripting of the movie is not good as all the focus is on the presentation. The movie does not have much emotional touch to it despite being such a humongous story of Ram and Sita. The melodrama is not much in the movie especially when you see that Ram has won, you don’t feel proud about it. 

The first half of the movie seems boring. The second half of the movie is very interesting as it has the drama in it. This engages the audience towards the movie. Let's see the performances.

Adipurush Movie Review - Prabhas and Kriti Sanon Movie

Trailer of the Movie

Performances of the Actors

Prabhas - He has played the character of Raghav very well but there are not many scenes he can play in the movie. Also, there are very fewer heroic moments in the movie that he could play.

Kriti Sanon - She has played the role of Sita/Janki Maa and has done her job well. She looks pretty portraying the character as if she is a Sita herself. She has done the emotional scenes well too. You feel emotional seeing her acting in those scenes.

Saif Ali Khan - He has played the character of Lankesh/Rawan and has lived the character. He has performed the character well as he Looks like him.

Sunny Singh - He is playing the role of Sesh but has not much scope in the role.

Devdatta Nage - He has a good scope in the movie and his role is also good. 

Sidharth Kiran - He has played the role of Vibhishan in the movie and makes his presence felt in the movie.

Vatsal Seth - He is playing the role of Indrajeet and has lent good support in the movie.

Sonal Chauhan - She has played the role of Mandotory and has done a good job.

Tejaswini Pandit - She has played the role of Surpnakha (a witch) and she is alright.

The Direction of the Movie

The movie is directed by Om Raut. The movie is a human drama but his direction lacks this drama in the movie. However, it's good that he attempted such a topic.

Music of the Movie 

The music is given by Ajay-Atul and the songs are good to the ears. They are well made and the audience likes them as they appear in the movie. The lyrics of the songs are also good.

Final Verdict 

So, the movie is average but despite being average, the movie will be liked by the audience and the box office collection of it will also be more than average. So, in terms of box office, it will be a successful film as producers will earn. Kids will like the movie. Sentiments of the audience towards Ram and Sita and Ramayana will bring them to the theaters.

Ending Note

Hope you liked the Adipurush movie review, the Prabhas and Kriti sanon latest movie. For more review likes, keep following Bollywood Signal.

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