Adipurush Movie Cast Went Tirupati for Blessing Before Film’s Release

The actors of the Adipurush movie went on to seek the blessings of Tirupati before the release of their movie. As the movie is about to release on June 16, the cast is trying its best to do all the positive things for the movie. Let's find out the full news here:

Who Was Spotted at the Adipurush Movie Tirupati Outing?

The director Om Raut, actor and actress Prabhas, and Kriti Sanon were spotted at the Tirupati Balaji temple. The movie is undoubtedly the biggest release of this year and for this occasion, the team of the movie is both excited and nervous.

The stars are in the land of God before the release of the movie. Actor Prabhas was spotted in Tirupati Venkateshwara temple. The temple is known for being the home of Vishnu in the Kali age and it's considered one of the most religious places on earth. 

Prabhas has religious beliefs and he never hesitates in showing his religious side to the people. It’s a coincidence that he is now playing a lord in his upcoming movie. 

Where Did Kriti Go for Prayers?

Kriti Sanon is playing the role of Sita in the movie and she visited Sita Gufa Mandir (Sita’s Cave) to seek Sita ma’s blessing as she is playing her character. The belief is that the goddess Sita spent her time in that cave during the vanvas (the period when Ram and Sita were away from their kingdom). Kriti is looking great in her Sita look.

Ending Note:

The Adipurush movie has upgraded its graphics and is set for a release on June 16. We hope just like the story of Ram and Sita is great, the movie also turns out to be entertaining to the audience. For more interesting news like this, keep visiting Bollywood Signal. We post news daily.

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