Sonakshi Sinha Zaheer Iqbal Dating? Confirms Arpita Khan

Arpita Khan has dropped a hint on the relationship between Sonakshi Sinha Zaheer Iqbal. They both are rumored to be dating each other and this thing has been confirmed by Salman Khan’s sister Arpita Khan. Let's see the full news:

Sonakshi and Zaheer posed for a photo for Arpita

Sonakshi Sinha Zaheer Iqbal Dating – Where the News Came Out?

Zaheer and Sonakshi met on the sets of the movie “double xl” and came close to each other. After that, they did a song together called “Blockbuster”. They have also done various public appearances together. Rumors are rising that they both are dating each other. The news came out when both came together at Arpita Khan’s Eid party. They even posed together for the pictures clicked by media at the arena that lighted up the rumors even more. They were giving a “couple vibe” to every photographer present out there.

What Arpita Revealed About Them?

After attending the Eid party of Arpita Khan, they even visited the Eid party of Huma Qureshi together. Arpita went on to social media to share some personal pictures of the party that include Sonakshi and Zaheer. Zaheer had put his hands on the shoulders of the actress that is also a couple act that has risen the rumours even more. Arpita called Sonakshi “Bhabi” in the Instagram story that confirmed the relationship between Sonakshi Sinha and Zaheer Iqbal. However, she deleted the story later on.

Ending Note:

Neither Sonakshi nor Zaheer has confirmed the relationship but the story by Arpita has given fire to the fuel and fans now know that both of them are dating each other. Deleting the story, it looks like Arpita wants to wait for the right time to reveal about them to the public. Let's see when both tie their knots of marriage. Hope you liked the news, for more news like this, keep following Bollywood Signal. We post news daily.

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