Gumraah Movie Review - Will it Get Success at the Box- Office?

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Gumraah Movie Review - Lets Start It

Lets review the movie Gumraah in this blog.

Gumraah is a murder mystery where Akash Sardana gets murdered. Police are considering two people as suspects and both are locals. One is Arjun and the other is Rony both played by Aditya Roy Kapoor. ACP Yadav wants to put all the blame on Arjun.

He is very sure that Arjun is the real murderer. He has a junior Shivani (played by Mrunal Thakur) and she has a strong belief that the murderer is Rony. Now the big question is, who is the real murderer?

Why ACP Yadav has so much hate against Arjun that he wants to put all the blame on Arjun?

Who is the real murderer? 

Well, to get all the answers, you have to watch the movie where you will get all the answers by the end of it. 

Trailer of "Gumraah"

Script Analysis

The movie is an official remake of the Tamil film “Thadam”. There are not many personality differences between the characters of Arjun and Rony. So, the audience does not engage much with the movie. There are points where some twists and turns are added in the movie but they seem like they are forcefully added. So, the story does not hold the audience for too long. The dialogues are fine. 

Performances of the Actors

Aditya Roy Kapoor played a double role in the movie and his acting is good. However, in some scenes, he is portrayed as a super human which is tough to digest as he is easily doing the tasks done by super heroes.

Mrunal Thakur has limited scope in the movie but her scenes are fine.

Ronit Roy is playing the character of ACP Yadav and his work is average.

The Direction of the Movie

Vardhan Ketkar directed the movie and his direction is average.

Music of the Movie

The movie has various music directors like Vishal Mishra, Tanishk Bagchi, and Mithun. The music of the movie is nothing to shout about. However, the song “Ghar nahi jaana” is good. The lyrics of the songs are alright. The choreography of the songs is average. 

Final Verdict of the Movie “Gumraah”

The movie will not get success at the box office due to the above reasons and today, its opening is also poor. 

Ending Note:

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