Bholaa Movie Review - Is it Good Or Not? Find out Now!

Today, we are going to do a review of the movie Bholaa. An in-depth analysis of it is in this blog. The movie was released yesterday 30th march 2023. 

Bholaa Movie Poster

Bholaa Movie Review

Story of the Movie

Let's talk about the story first. Bhola is coming out of jail and he has not seen the face of his daughter since her birth on earth. He is thrilled with the feeling. He is going to meet his daughter in the orphanage where she was brought up when he was in jail. Before he reaches his daughter in an orphanage, he met the police officer Diana and she lends him a job to do which is very critical for her. So, now Bholaa is busy doing the work of police officer Diana, played by Tabu, and he is delayed to meet his daughter. 

Did Bholaa meet his daughter? 

What was the work for which Bholaa was sent by Diana? 

Why did Diana choose Bholaa to do the work? 

All these questions will be answered by the audience once they see the film.

Let us analyze the script of the movie


The movie is the remake of the Tamil film Kathi. The story is new however there are some points that are not clearly established in the story. Likewise, the movie has a scene where Abhishek Bachchan comes onto the screen but there are not many details that have been given by the makers about him.

Also, the movie is an emotional drama but at times it feels like the emotional drama has been neglected and the action scenes have taken their place. The story has some emotional scenes but if they were a bit more, then it would have been a much better movie.

Trailer of the Movie

Now let's analyze the performances of the actors:

Performances of the Actors

“Ajay Devgan” has done a superb job for the character of Bholaa. He has played the character of Bholaa so well that audiences feel like he is not Ajay and in fact he is Bholaa. He also played the emotional scenes well in the movie. 

“Tabu” has also played the role of Diana well. She has fantastically done the job and has portrayed her character with utmost maturity.  

“Amala Paul” is playing the role of Bholaa’s wife in the movie and she has also done a good job.

“Sanjay Mishra” has played the role of a police officer and he has done a great job.

All the other actors have landed good support for the main characters.

Now let's take a look at the direction and technical aspects of the movie:

The Direction of the Movie

The movie is directed by the actor of the movie i.e. Ajay Devgan himself. He has done a good job being a director but what he lacks is wholesome entertainment in the movie. The movie may not be for every type of audience like kids, families, and teens as they might not be able to see the brutal violence of the movie.

Now let's take a look at the music of the movie:

Music of the Movie

The music of the movie descent is provided by Ravi Basrur. The song “Nazar lag jayegi” is very appealing to the audience. The lyrics of the movie are written by Irshad Kamil and they have a good worth in the narration of the movie. The choreography of the songs has been done by Ganesh Acharya and the dance moves are decent. 

Final Verdict of the Movie “Bholaa”

The movie will be liked by the masses and especially the men but will not be liked by female, children, and family audiences. The appeal of the movie will be thus limited. The movie will be above average in its collections at the box office but will not be a hit or superhit or blockbuster.

Meanwhile, the opening of the movie is low on its first day i.e., 30 march 2023.

Ending Note:

Hope you liked the review of the Bholaa movie. Have you seen the movie? If yes, please tell us what you think about it in the comment section of the blog. We are happy to see your views on this. Keep reading more Bollywood news on our blog on daily basis. 

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